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A Carbon-Neutral World Focus of World Environment Day 2008
By chrisy58
Jatropha is a plant that grows three meters (10 feet) high and produces seeds that contain inedible oil used to produce fuel. Each seed produces between 30 and 40 percent of its mass in oil and jatropha can be grown in a range of
Chrisy58’s Weblog – http://chrisy58.wordpress.com

Naturol, India’s First Integrated Biodiesel Complex Goes on Full
Apart from its capability to use multi feedstock, Naturol’s focus is to cultivate and use Jatropha feedstock extensively in the near future. The company foresees jatropha oil as the most promising and sustainable Biodiesal feedstock for
– http://frontierindia.com

Speech delivered to FAO by President Mugabe
By Oneword
It is gratifying to note that Zimbabwe’s bio-energy sector draws its feed stock primarily from a non-food crop, the Jatropha plant. The choice of Jairopha is a deliberate government policy to avoid competition between our food needs and
The Shebeen – http://www.theshebeen.org

Native Plants for Bio-ethanol and Bio-diesel Program
By Charles Roring(Charles Roring)
Cassava, jatropha, and sugarcane, coconut and saguer palm are native plants in Indonesia. Research and development for better varieties of these plants is needed to increase the productivity. Saguer palm trees produce significant amount
Sustainable Development – http://charlesroring.blogspot.com/

Notes from Biofuels conference in Cork
By Phoebe Bright(Phoebe Bright)
Jatropha can be harvested and stored before milling at a later date, it requires little irrigation and fertilizer and can be intercropped with other crops. The generator is fueled with biodiesel from Jatropha and can supply electricity
Phoebe’s Jottings – http://pbjots.blogspot.com/

JATROPHA: The Future Fuel
By Tiger(Tiger)
Efforts are being made to encourage the growth of plants that will yield biofuels, chief among them being the plant Jatropha curcas, which grows well on wasteland and needs little attention or water.
Consumer Psyche – http://consumerpsyche.blogspot.com/

Indiblogger-Microsoft Chennai meet up
By A.K.Ravishankar(A.K.Ravishankar)
I had been to to the Indiblogger-Microsoft Chennai meetup today at Hotel Dee Cee Manor..This is my first Indiblogger meet.. Here are some Pictures!! But the records at Indiblogger website says that Chennai has witnessed a huge crowd
Mr.Jatropha – http://jatropha2020.blogspot.com/

Pure Biofuels Founds Jatropha Nursery to Support Its Feedstock Needs
LOS ANGELES and LIMA, Peru–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pure Biofuels Corp., (OTCBB:PBOF), a Peruvian-based biodiesel corporation, announced on June 11 that it has established a Jatropha nursery which will produce an initial 360000 plants in
BioFuels Journal – http://www.biofuelsjournal.com

Malawi government says jatropha biodiesel production will commence
By Jim Lane
In Malawi, the government said that the country is on track to commence biodiesel production in 2009 from several jatropha projects underway throughout the country. The government also said that the Department of Science and Technology
Biofuels Digest – http://biofuelsdigest.com/blog2

Geocapital Plans $40 Billion African Jatropha Investment for
Geocapital, the holding company for investment in Portuguese-speaking countries of businessmen Stanley Ho and Jorge Ferro Ribeiro, aims to establish itself as one of the main biofuel producers worldwide by 2018, basing its operations in Angola, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau.
MacauHub – http://www.macauhub.com.mo

Air New Zealand Considers Jatropha
Air New Zealand is progressing in its goal to produce an environmentally sustainable aircraft fuel. Jatropha based fuel shows promise as a replacement for jet fuel.
Suite101: Science & Nature Articles – http://www.suite101.com/scienceandnature/

Pure Biofuels sets up jatropha nursery
A jatropha nursery, which will produce an initial 360000 plants in approximately two months, has been set up by the Peruvian-based Pure Biofuels Corp. In the long term the company has plans to scale up the nursery project to produce one
Biofuel Review – http://www.biofuelreview.com

At UN Food Summit, Even Inedible Jatropha Comes Under Attack for
It’s no beauty queen – the stems are long, scrawny and leafless and the pods dangle from the twigs like scorched testicles. Untreated, the seeds are so poisonous that as few as three can kill, while even a small amount induces nausea – hence the jatropha plant’s nickname, “black vomit nut”.
The Independent | News | UK and Worldwide News | Newspaper – http://www.independent.co.uk

De-Ord launches jatropha, waste oil biodiesel plant in England
By Jim Lane
In England, De-Ord Fuel opened a new 100000 GPY biodiesel facility in Mansfield that will use jatropha and waste vegetable oil as feedstocks. The company will distribute fuel to bus and truck fleets. The $550000 project is one of the
Biofuels Digest – http://biofuelsdigest.com/blog2

ANZ to power 747 with weed
Air New Zealand (ANZ) will be conducting a trial later this year in which bio-fuel made from jatropha plants will power one of the four engines on a Boeing 747-400. The trial will take place in this year’s last quarter but prior to that
AIRLINES – http://www.flightglobal.com

Air NZ sees biofuel salvation in jatropha
In the race to develop a viable aircraft biofuel, Air New Zealand and Boeing are banking on the Jatropha plant to deliver a cost-effective, green solution…
Carbon Positive News – http://www.carbonpositive.com/

Balance between biofuels, food possible, say energy experts
By Saigon Charlie(Saigon Charlie)
She said that in the Philippines, emerging crop choices for biofuel are coconut, sugar cane, sweet sorghum, jatropha and malunggay. She said that except for jatropha, all of the proposed crop choices have food, feed and fuel uses.
Asian Energy Today – http://asianenergy.blogspot.com/

Malawi moves to scale-up jatropha-based biodiesel industry
The Malawi government is facilitating the implementation of a number of private-sector-driven projects to set up biodiesel production plants in the country as part of a multimillion-dollar programme meant to ensure that the country
Engineering News – News This Week – http://www.engineeringnews.co.za

PNOC establishes plant nursery in Medellin to produce biodiesel
WITH farmers shifting from planting food crops to growing plants used to manufacture biofuels, such as jatropha, some sectors consider the shift to pose risk on the country’s food supply.
Sun Star Cebu – http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu

Jatropha plant’s oil studied as jet fuel
By perkonis
If all goes well this summer, an Air New Zealand 747 jet will take off from Auckland this fall powered by fuel refined from the seed of a fast-growing weed. The three-hour test flight could mark one of the more promising steps by the
digg / MookiBlaylock / friends… – http://digg.com/users/MookiBlaylock/history/submissions

Flying on plant fumes?
By Jennifer Bowles
The fast-growing jatropha tree is found in warm climates around the world and is considered a weed. Scientists have been perfecting a process to turn oil from the jatropha tree’s poisonous seeds into jet fuel.
PE.com – Environment – http://www.beloblog.com/Pe_Blogs/environment/

Jatropha plant’s oil studied as biofuel for jets — Natural
KUNIA, Hawaii — If all goes well this summer, an Air New Zealand 747 jumbo jet will take off from Auckland this fall with one of its four engines powered by fuel refined from the seed of a fast-growing weed.
Aircraft Manufacturing News from… – http://www.smartbrief.com/

International Jatropha Conference 2008 [event]
By ResearchSEA(ResearchSEA)
Jatropha curcas is believed to hold promise for sustainable energy and welfare. This conference will provide a forum, where all concerned, may change ideas, information and knowledge to enhance the development of biofuel from Jatropha
ResearchSEA – Asia Research News… – http://www.researchsea.com/

Air New Zealand to have environmentally sustainable fuel in five
By Kiwi Riverman(Kiwi Riverman)
The jatropha oil Air New Zealand is sourcing comes from South Eastern Africa (Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania) and India and the airline says it was sourced from seeds grown on environmentally sustainable plantations.
Down by the HuttRiver – Thinking… – http://peter-petterson.blogspot.com/

Bargaining: DaimlerChrysler, farmers take note egregious present
By brodericknsdkibibe
Radiator Atlantean DaimlerChrysler relic researching, reforestation and explorative jatropha and a biodiesel derived discounting its forage being the former three years goodwill Gujarat, now southerly India.
Brodericknsdkibibe’s Weblog – http://brodericknsdkibibe.wordpress.com

Fuel lows
By phoenixeyrie
(Which, in my opinion, is an absurd notion here in the Philippines as Jatropha is the flagship biofuel being advocated by the Government. What I learned about Jatropha tells me there is no conflict between it and food-producing plants
Phoenix Eyrie, Reloaded – http://phoenixeyriereloaded.wordpress.com

Being Green at the Base of the Pyramid – It Just Makes Sense
By Derek Newberry
A similar system that uses jatropha instead of rice husks has been circulating throughout rural India for some time. Biofuel generators are now a hot ticket in the Western sustainable development space, and adobe has long been praised
NextBillion.net – Development… – http://www.nextbillion.net

Province of Rizal offers Land to PNOC-AFC for Jatropha Plantation
The PNOC-Alternative Fuels Corp (PNOC-AFC) was offered 600 hectares of idle land by the Municipal Province of Rizal for potential development of a Jatropha Curcas Plantation. PNOC-AFC is now looking into the area to check whether it is
alternat1ve – http://www.alternat1ve.com

News and Notes – May 28, 2008
By The Southeastern Sun Grant Center(The Southeastern Sun Grant Center)
Bionews is a product of the UT Office of Bioenergy Programs. It summarizes daily news items and draws content from a variety of sources, such as blogs, newsletters, and publications.
BioNews and Information – http://utbionews.blogspot.com/

Jatropha Curcas Plant
By jatrophacurcasp
The spiraling increase in the demand for biofuel with decrease in the sources of fossil fuel has now initiated large and small scale farmers to go with a new wonder crop called Jatropha Curcas. Jatropha curcas L. has proved to be a
Science Forums, The Original – http://www.scienceforums.net/forum

Cool City Comments
By salem(salem)
Another good maybe favorable factor is the Jatropha forest because too much shifting of the sand causes smog and dust in the air which causes co2 accumulation. But the Jatropha forest creates oil and prevents sand shifting.
Global warming spot – http://advilsalemboss.blogspot.com/

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