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jatropha – biofuel crop this is the jatropha plant – saw it at …
By yg(yg)
this is the jatropha plant – saw it at hort park -that has been gaining a lot of attention worldwide as the need to find alternative and cheaper fuels become more pressing because of the escalating prices of petroleum and palm-oil. …
ygblog4 – http://ivyidaong4.blogspot.com/

Jatoil growing more jatropha in Asia
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Australia-listed Jatoil Ltd. is banking on jatropha to deliver on its promise as a next generation biofuel feedstock. Jatropha can be grown on arid lands and will not compromise food production, according to Jatoil’s Chairman, Dr. Michael R. Taverner. The company is working with business partners to acquire jatropha plantations in Southeast Asia.
Emerging Energy News: http://www.energycurrent.com/

US-Malaysia announce progress on sequence and analysis of Jatropha
Malaysia’s Asiatic Centre for Genome Technology Sdn Bhd (ACGT) and US-based Synthetic Genomics Inc announced the completion of a first draft assembly and annotation of the oil palm genome. They said they …
Asia Food Journal | News – http://www.asiafoodjournal.com

A tribute to my Only Paksu left..(sob2,,,)
By Zu–LfADh..^li—>>suCEsS(Zu–LfADh..^li—>>suCEsS)
Hence, numerous efforts to find alternative oil fuel derived from plants have been carried out since that led to the discovery of the Jatropha curcas plants which are naturally endowed with multitudinous uses and unique properties.
<<–~~ePiZUlfadHLipHObIA~~–>> – http://zulbrodon.blogspot.com/

Notes from the CSD — Bioenergy and International Trade
By Shane(Real Food New York)
He told us about his government’s program to promote jatropha production for local biofuel consumption. In 2005 in Mali, he said, about 10000 localities were without electricity — that’s 8.2 million people, or 68% of the population.
Real Food Network – New York – http://www.realfoodnewyork.org/

Private company gets 5000 acre for jatropha cultivation
By Krunal – Seo Ahmedabad(Krunal – Seo Ahmedabad)
The company, which is embarking on a large-scale jatropha cultivation over 8 lakh hectares in Maharashtra, MP, UP, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa and Jharkhand, is planning to increase its jatropha cultivation to nearly
Ahmedabad City News| Information|… – http://www.infoahmedabad.com/

Malunggay (Moringa oliefera)
The malunggay seedlings will take oneto two years to mature, half the time required for jatropha.Secura International is promoting the cultivation of the new wondercorp backed by the support from the Department ofAgriculture-
Glenn Aspe Online – http://glennaspe.blogspot.com/

UK company faces criticism over ‘miracle’ weed jatropha
By Leanan(Paul Laudanski (mailto:admin@peakoil.com))
One of Britain’s leading biofuels companies is facing criticism for encouraging the growth of jatropha – a toxic weed that produces seeds that can be refined into biodiesel – in developing countries. The oil major BP has a joint venture
Peak Oil News – http://www.peakoil.com

Interim Brief
By swaziAID(swaziAID)
wattle, eucalyptus, jacaranda, and the recent jatropha. These issues in addition to significant government inertia is slowing down progress. However, we believe that with the strong reputation of moringa and
swaziAID | blog – http://swaziaid.blogspot.com/

Jatropha makes this man do anything at any cost
Nirendra Dev Commodity Online : Banks denied him funding the red tapism and bureaucracy was also of no help. That did not discourage Akshay Vir Singh Tyagi from venturing into Jatropha cultivation seeing the huge potential for biofuels
Commodity Online Topstories – http://www.commodityonline.com/

Land Bank to Allot P4.3 Billion in Loans to Jatropha Farmers
MANILA, Philippines–The Land Bank of the Philippines has set aside P4.3 billion in loans for the development of a 100-hectare tract of marginal land in Quezon, which will be planted to jatropha, a biofuel feedstock.
INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos – http://business.inquirer.net

Jatropha curcus is a drought-resistant perennial, growing well in
By jaafar johari(jaafar johari)
Jatropha curcus is a drought-resistant perennial, growing well in marginal/poor soil. It is easy to establish, grows relatively quickly and lives, producing seeds for 50 years.Jatropha the wonder plant produces seeds with an oil content
biodiesel – http://biodieseljaafarjohari.blogspot.com/

Comment on BP backs Jatropha as a biodiesel feedstock by Stella
By Stella
Peter,. Can I get details from you on this new technology?
Comments for Envirofuel – Promoting… – http://envirofuel.com.au

Oil palm, jatropha genome work moves ahead
By David Ehrlich
California’s Synthetic Genomics and Malaysia’s Asiatic Centre for Genome Technology announce progress on the biofuel feedstocks. read more.
Cleantech.com – Accelerating… – http://media.cleantech.com

But jatropha has been recently banned by two Australian states as an invasive species. If jatropha, which is poisonous, overgrows farmland or pastures, it could be disastrous for the local food supply in Africa.
National Center for Policy Analysis – http://www.ncpa.org

By saaimanohar
HR: Do you know Jatropha’s local (telugu) name? ME : Sorry sir,I dont know. HR :(Laughing) Asked me to solve a puzzle :. Me : Gave the answer.( HR was not satisfied). HR: What I wanted to tell you that your performance need to be
SCRATCH YOUR SOUL – http://scratchyoursoul.wordpress.com

Fuel for Thought
By Srinivasan Ramani(Srinivasan Ramani)
It is in this regard that the focus of the biofuel policy in India has been towards utilising an “oil bearing” plant, jatropha carcus, for oil extraction, processing and eventual blending with diesel. The advantage of this plant lies in
A New Praxis in a changed world – http://srinivasanvr.blogspot.com/

Deadly bio-fuels-Risk management essential
By adamsmith1922
Jatropha, the darling of the second-generation biofuels community, is now being cultivated widely in East Africa in brand new biofuel plantations. But jatropha has been recently banned by two Australian states as an invasive species.
The Inquiring Mind – http://adamsmith.wordpress.com

IKF Technologies conducts workshop on Jatropha and Contract farming
By Aziz
In the work shop, they have facilitated the information on Jatropha cultivation and prospects of Bio-Diesel. IKF Green Fuel have also done the same workshop in Nagpur on May 14, 2008, where in over 76 Agri – Graduates attended and got
PRWire – http://prwire.hashout.org

By Phani V K(Phani V K)
On the negative side, being toxic, the jatropha residue—post extraction—is unfit for animal feed. “The environmental benefit will only be known after the lifecycle assessment is completed,” adds Dr Alok Adholeya, director, Biotechnology
Phani VK’s journal – http://fugney.livejournal.com/

Weed Power
By Holly
I Googled weeds as fuel and discovered there is something called jatropha that is gaining a lot of attention as a biodiesel. The list of countries in which jatropha can grow is pretty big – nearly 110 and all over the place – Africa,
A Bag of Onions – http://www.abagofonions.com

Yucatan News: San Felipe, Biofuel & Hurricanes
By Khaki Scott
Global Clean Energy Holdings, through GCE Mexico, has obtained 5000 acres in the State of Yucatan on which it plans to plant Jatropha curcas trees. The 4 million trees they plant will produce high quality seed oil (for biodiesel fuel)
Yucatan Living – http://www.yucatanliving.com

Scaling Up Bio-Diesel
By Fishing(Fishing)
A small farming group was invited to Masumana last week and having seen the presentation they have agreed to plant a new crop known as Jatropha. The bush locally known as Fignut Tree has traditionally been used for medicinal purposes.
Sierra Leone – http://paulinsierraleone.blogspot.com/

Upcoming Jatropha “Food vs. Fuel” Webcast to Address Investor Concerns
By ssmith
read more.
Biodiesel News – http://www.biobasednews.com/news/biodiesel

Food Vs. Fuel: A Potential Miracle Crop
By davidzweig
Welcome, Jatropha curcus. Jatropha is a succulent plant native to South America that needs little water, lousy soil, and little to no fertilizer. It’s poisonous, but the bad news stops there. Its seeds yield 40% oil, which can easily be
World Business Academy Blog – http://worldbusinessacademy.wordpress.com

what does Jatropha stimulosus mean?
By admin
JATROPHA STIMULOSUS as NOUN Meaning a stinging herb of tropical America Synonym(s) Cnidoscolus urens (what does Cnidoscolus urens mean?) devil nettle (what does devil nettle mean?) Jatropha urens (what does Jatropha urens mean?
Ollla – Your English Dictionary – http://www.ollla.com

Malaysia’s Platinum Energy To Develop Indonesia Jatropha Farms
By Clean Technology Investor
Malaysia-based Platinum Energy has entered into agreements with two Indonesian firms to arrange for production of jatropha on 250000 hectares of land, a company official said.
Dow Jones Clean Technology Investor… – http://www.fis.dowjones.com/products/cleanTech.html

$28 Peanut Hero Creates Sustainable Sheller
By Sam Aola Ooko
And what’s more, the UNS can easily be modified to shell coffee beans, shea (a lucrative crop for shea butter and oil) or jatropha, a biodiesel seed now being grown in many arid and semi arid parts of Africa and Asia.
EcoWorldly – http://ecoworldly.com

Biofuels seriously gone wrong…
By Kratzy(Kratzy)
The report details how the military’s nation-wide campaign to plant eight million acres of the toxic tree Jatropha curcas for biodiesel production is resulting in forced labor, land confiscation, loss of income and food insecurity.
Random Thoughts and Streams of… – http://kratzy.blogspot.com/

Power Plant to Run on Jatropha in Belgium
By Laurel
CarbonPositive.net reports that Belgium will open the first heat and power plant running on jatropha biofuel next year. Wartsila will build the new facility in the Belgian Marksplas farming region. Thenargo, a sustainable energy
Biodiesel and Ethanol Investing – http://www.biodieselinvesting.com

FYI: Monstrously Bad Ideas
By Adam Peltz
Did you know the junta forced everyone to plant semi-useless jatropha nut? [AFP] • Food science’s new artificial mouth to make tastier products for you [NYTimes] • Liberia bans food exports in a move sure to go over well with its
MenuPages Blog :: South Florida – http://blogs.menupages.com/southflorida/

D1 set up biofuels trial in Sumatra
By Greenbang
The company, a UK producer of biofuels, is trialling the potential of Jatropha curcas, its main biodiesel crop, in poor soil conditions on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Jatropha is favoured by some people as a biofuel option
Greenbang – http://www.greenbang.com

Amelot Holdings Announces New Biodiesel Subsidiary
By Laurel
It will focus on biodiesel production and include all worldwide feedstock and fuel production revenue generated by Amelot Holdings. The company clarified that its other biofuel subsidiary, Jatropha Biofuels Technologies, will continue
Biodiesel and Ethanol Investing – http://www.biodieselinvesting.com

Ghana: food or biofuels
By matt
Lion Bridge Ventures for example, a UK registered limited company based in Croydon, London has set up Jatropha Africa which seeks to build a leading position amongst the Jatropha growers of Africa and become a provider of high quality
The Coffee House – http://environmentdebate.wordpress.com

Malaysian Govt Eyeing Jatropha Oil For Biodiesel Production
By PalmOilHQ
KUALA LUMPUR, May 14 (Bernama) — The government is looking at the possibility of using jatropha oil as a raw material for the production of biodiesel in the future, Minister of Plantation Industries.
Palm Oil HQ – http://www.palmoilhq.com

About 893000 hectares in the whole region can be planted with jatropha, coconut and oil palm, the main sources of biodiesel. Sources of Bio-ethanol. The same provinces can also be planted with cassava, sugarcane and sweet sorghum;
MINDANAWORLD – http://mindanaworld.blogspot.com/

Blaming bio fuels
By Michael Schuyler(Michael Schuyler)
Bio-fuels can be made from waste cellulose, junk plants like jatropha that grow on otherwise unfertile soil or is used as a cover crop, or even algae grown in plastic bags in the desert. The intelligent use and pursuit of biofuels is an
Reality Bytes – http://michaelschuyler.blogspot.com/

Re: [oil_from_algae] Time for the “DEEP POND”
By admin
I would advise you to visit the page www.jatropha.de , which is run by Mr. Reinhard K. Henning, from Germany. If you contact Mr. Henning, he will surely answer your message very politely with information about jatropha.
Algae Biofuel – http://algae.listarc.com

Rethinking Ethanol: A Lesson Only Half Learnt by the NY Times
One can get an inkling of the potentially disastrous effects of tilting the field toward biofuels (such as ethanol) from the Burmese experience regarding jatropha, a bush that can provide feedstock for biodiesel.
Think Tank West – http://thinktankwest.com/

Making Biofuels Work for the BoP
By admin
The statement that Jatropha is “cultivated extensively for pure plant oil (PPO) as feedstock for biodiesel fuel production in India and Africa” is a misconception based on many optimistic publications similar to this one.
DIGIVU- Dave Harcourt’s Blogs Combined – http://www.digivu.co.za/

Biofuels- culprit for global hunger? Fact or Fiction
By Ms. Yoko Ramos(Ms. Yoko Ramos)
“The local situation is quite different from what is happening globally, we have jatropha plantation which is not harmful to the environment and it does not compete with food crops.” Secretary Renato S. Velasco, PNOC- Alternative Fuels
yokoramos – http://yokoramos.blogspot.com/

CJP Announces 2nd Global Jatropha Hi-Tech Agricultural Training …
By vetkasi(vetkasi)
Emediawire (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CJP) is happy to announce the 2nd Global Jatropha Hi-Tech Agricultural Training Programme (JTP) in India from …
Agricultural Programmes – http://agriculturalprogrammes.blogspot.com/

Biodiesel tree
By I work 45 hours a week to be this poor(WTF_Nature)
Jatropha curcas can grow in wastelands and grows almost anywhere, even on gravelly, sandy and saline soils. It can thrive on the poorest stony soil and grow in the crevices of rocks. Complete germination is achieved within 9 days.
WTF_Nature – http://community.livejournal.com/wtf_nature/

Lowongan Kerja Legal Officer
By dien
The company has been recognized in its activities: # Trading and services for Pipeline and Valve # Environmental-Oil sludge treatment and Water treatment # Jatropha plantation and oil extraction # Agribusiness for […]
Gudang Lowongan Kerja – http://gudanglowongankerja.com

Myanmar’s misguided policies contributed to shortages
By Maggie Surface
Perhaps the most vexing move was the decision to plant jatropha, an inedible biodiesel crop, on otherwise fertile farmland. “This was the whitest of the junta’s white elephants,” said Monique Skidmore, a professor at the Australian
EarthNews – http://www.earthportal.org/news

Jatropha biofuel in power plant first
By Sandhi(Sandhi)
The use of Jatropha oil as a power generation and heating fuel is a step towards biofuels that do not compete with food crops, said Wartsila’s Ronald Westerdijk in a press release. “Jatropha oil is a liquid biofuel that has great
Sandhi’s Writing – http://asandhi.blogspot.com/

Jatropha harmful for kids, soil’
Raipur, May 8 (IANS) The jatropha plant, a rich source of bio-fuel that is being grown on a large scale in Chhattisgarh, can harm the soil and aquatic life, cause skin cancer and even affect the brain of children if accidentally
AndhraCafe.com – http://andhracafe.com/

International Trade in Biofuels: Defining the Indian negotiating
By Sagnik Sinha(Sagnik Sinha)
Jatropha represents the most popular of such kind of non edible seed. The distinct advantage of jatropha is that it could be grown in areas where availability of water is low. This would mean that vast areas of waste land could be
World Trade Organization: Indian… – http://wtoindia.blogspot.com/

Fueling Africa’s Future
By Bill
A government body has approved funding to assist farmers in the planting and cultivation of the jatropha tree. The jatropha tree produces peanut sized seeds that can be refined into oil for use as a bio-fuel. Jatropha is not a food
Conservative Donnybrook – http://www.conservativedonnybrook.com

Jatropha good bad or indifferent
By Simon Robinson
Its worth taking a few minutes to look at the blogosphere’s view of Jatropha: Here are three. It is very bad, according to By Sujeet Kumar writing in India eNews and may be harmful to kids, animals, plants and soils.
The Big Biofuels Blog – http://www.icis.com/blogs/biofuels/

Jatropha harmful for kids, soil and aquatic life: scientist
By India eNews
The jatropha plant, a rich source of bio-fuel that is being grown on a large scale in Chhattisgarh, can harm the soil and aquatic life, cause skin cancer and even affect the brain of children if accidentally consumed,
IndiaeNews.com: Asia News – http://www.indiaenews.com/

Gloria’s Disenchanted Kingdom
By omeng(omeng)
Meanwhile, the Arroyo government continues to encourage large farm owners to convert their rice fields to jatropha plantations to produce bio-diesel. Last year, Arroyo entered into several agro-fuel deals with Chinese companies.
Jokes, News & Stories for Filipinos… – http://jns4fils.blogspot.com/

Jatropha Curcas Seeds/seedlings For Sale
By hcms
Jatropha curcas belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae multipurpose shrub or small tree of significant importance because of its several industrial and medicinal uses. It grows in a number of climate zones in tropical and sub tropical
AgricultureInformation.com – http://www.agricultureinformation.com/forums

Norwegian biofuel company destroyed local forest to establish a
By World Rainforest Movement
Ghana: Norwegian biofuel company destroyed local forest to establish a large jatropha (1) plantation World Rainforest Movement Bulletin 129 – April 2008 Agriculture in Northern Ghana accounts for more than 90% of
portland indymedia – newswire – http://portland.indymedia.org/

Speaker Profile: Paul Dalton, CEO, Dream Fuels Ltd., My Dream Fuel LLC
By suann
s to revolutionize the approach taken with biodiesel in general and the development of Jatropha in particular. Unlike soybeans, corn and many other agricultural crops, Jatropha can be cultivated on arid and semi arid non-agricultural
Catch JatrophaWorld 2008 – http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha

Biodiesel: Fueling the Developing World
By John Davis
For me, it’s like karma or something,” [Mark Rice, CEO of Biofuels Technology LLC, in Northbrook, Illinois] says with a note of disbelief and an idea for using Haiti’s jatropha tree as a solution to the problem.
Tampa Ethanol – http://TampaEthanol.com/blog

Malaysian Rubber Board takes charge of jatropha plantations
By PalmOilHQ
The Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) has been put in charge of jatropha plantations, Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Peter Chin said. This means MRB will develop high yielding jatrop.
Palm Oil HQ – http://www.palmoilhq.com

GCE Mexico Purchases Land for Jatropha
The property will be used for the cultivation of Jatropha curcas. When fully planted the land will be home to over 4.0 million Jatropha trees, which will produce seed oil and biomass for more than 30 years, according to the company.
Renewable Energy News – RenewableEner… – http://www.RenewableEnergyWorld.com

Global Clean Energy Holdings Acquires 5000 Acres in Mexico for
The property will be used for the cultivation of Jatropha curcas. When fully planted the land will be home to over 4.0 million Jatropha trees, which will produce a high quality seed oil and biomass, for more than 30 years.
BioFuels Journal – http://www.biofuelsjournal.com

Alternative Fuels and Stove Update
By endingcharcoal
Operation and maintenance of the Protos plant oil stove; Fabrication of Protos parts; Strategy of marketing the plant oil stoves; Jatropha seedling production and plantation establishment; Process and equipment for the production of
Ending Charcoal – http://endingcharcoal.wildlifedirect.org

Investment Group Plants Five Thousand Acres of Jatropha For
The Yucatan Peninsula, in addition to being a corn producing region in Mexico, also contains abandoned sisal plantations, where the growing of Jatropha for biodiesel production would not displace food. So this investment could make
TreeHugger – http://www.treehugger.com/

Deal on major jatropha plantation hits snag
By Dempto Anda
Negotiations to establish Palawan’s initial venture on jatropha plantation and biofuels development involving a Philippine company and a major Spanish group, Bionor Transformacion, has hit a snag over financial arrangements.
The Palawan Report – http://palawanreport.com

JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 delivers Good Vibes for Jatropha’s Future
By divyasangam
The first good Jatropha Vibe we wish to deliver is that JatrophaWorld Miami 2008 is now supported by the National Biodiesel Board, which represents the interests of American Biodiesel producers looking for alternative Biodiesel
Catch JatrophaWorld 2008 – http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha

Global Clean Energy acquires 5000 acres in Mexico to develop
By Ed Blume(Ed Blume)
The property will be used for the cultivation of Jatropha curcas. When fully planted the land will be home to over 4.0 million Jatropha trees, which will produce a high quality seed oil and biomass, for more than 30 years.
Eco-Yucatán – http://eco-yucatan.blogspot.com/

By Rashid Aziz Faridi(Rashid Aziz Faridi)
It may be argued that the country’s choice of jatropha is ideal as it can be cultivated in wastelands. The expectation is that 98 million acres of wasteland can be brought under jatropha cultivation to reduce 20 per cent of the
Rashid’s Blog – http://rashidfaridi.blogspot.com/

Villa Aurora looking for 300 has. for Jatropha
Villa Aurora is now in identifying up to at least 300 hectares of land that it could use for its community Jatropha production project.
Samar News.com – http://www.samarnews.com

Malaysia & Indonesia form Jatropha co-operation
By PalmOilHQ
KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 (Bernama) — Malaysia and Indonesia have agreed to cooperate in development of the jatropha industry under the ambit of renewable energy, the Plantation Industries and Commodities.
Palm Oil HQ – http://www.palmoilhq.com

Stock Guru Featured Company: GeoBio Energy, Inc. (GBOE.OB)
By jonnyk4429(qualitystocks1)
In 2006, the company announced plans to establish a large jatropha plantation as a feedstock source. GeoBio has worked with top universities in renewable bio-fuels research. The company plans to expand their partnerships with additional
QualityStocks.net Small-Cap and… – http://journals.aol.com/qualitystocks1/qualitystocks.net/

D1 Oils – Growing energy solutions
By Mykel Pereira
They also have an established plant science and planting program for Jatropha curcas, a robust, tropical oilseed bearing tree. Jatropha produces inedible oil feedstock for biodiesel and is able to make use of land not suitable for
SustainTechs – http://sustaintechs.com

Biofuels: New Threat for Indigenous People
By redamazon
A woman tends a plant in a jatropha plantation in Malegaon, about 162 miles (. A woman tends a plant in a jatropha plantation in Malegaon, about 162 miles (260 kilometers) northeast of Mumbai (Bombay), on October 9, 2006.
REDAMAZON – http://redamazon.wordpress.com

Will biofuels marginalise women?
By admin
But if plants like jatropha which need minimal levels of fertiliser take off and the price of the oil they produce is linked to expensive oil then it could be a way to break out of a subsistence mindset, which has worked so
Alternative Fuels Now – http://alternativefuelsnow.org

Asian (con)Fusion: Burma’s BioFuel Terror
By Andrew Buncombe
By Andrew Buncombe There has been acres written about the dangers of the biofuel “weed” jatropha (pictured), a plant that, across the world, is being sown in areas formerly used for food production. There is big money to be made…
IndyBlogs – http://blogs.independent.co.uk/independent/

Indonesia Biofuel Not Behind Environment, Food Woes
By Indonesia First
According to data from the Bogor Agriculture Institute, biofuel derived from palm oil can produce 5830 litres per hectare, while jatropha can yield 600 litres per hectare and microalgae 58700-136900 litres per hectare.
indonesiafirst.com – http://indonesiafirst.com

RE:What is jatropha seed called in gujarati language?
By LSUChris
Dear, I think its popular with name called ” ZOZOBA” kapadiar.
IN – http://www.muby.com.cn

Biofuel Threat To 60 Million Tribal People
Demand for biofuels is destroying tribal peoples’ land and lives, according to a new report. Palm oil is one of the most destructive crops followed by sugar cane, soy, corn, manioc and jatropha. From: Survival.
OneWorld United States – Climate Change – http://us.oneworld.net

Burma Update: May 1, 2008
By Burma Partnership Secretariat(Burma Partnership Secretariat)
The report details how the military’s nation-wide campaign to plant eight million acres of the toxic tree Jatropha curcas for biodiesel production is resulting in forced labor, land confiscation, loss of income and food insecurity.
Burma Partnership – http://apppb.blogspot.com/

Burmese Biofuel Policy a Debacle: Report
By Jeg(Please Help Burma)
“A draconian campaign by Burma’s military to grow 8 million acres of the Jatropha curcas tree for biofuel production is resulting in forced labor and land confiscation throughout the country, while evidence of crop failure and
Please Help Burma – http://please-help-burma.blogspot.com/

Internet Edition :The Daily Star: – Bio
By Zalmoxis(Zalmoxis)
The agricultural products that are used for developing biomass include maize and soybean in the USA; wheat, rapeseed and sugar beet in Europe; sugarcane in Brazil; palm oil in South East Asia; and jatropha, pongemia and sugar beet in
Producing biofuel. – http://biofuels-information.blogspot.com/

By Kenyon(Kenyon)
are acting like eco-warrriors, running around in trendy spots talking about saving the planet, along with the dodgy people who forced palm oil plantations on the Indonesians and jatropha on the Indians (see previous post on this).
Hemp For Victory – http://hempforvictory.blogspot.com/

Global Clean Energy Holdings Partners With Entrepreneurs to Buy
The joint venture’s mission is to acquire and develop non-food based land in Mexico to grow Jatropha curcas and commercialize oil and biomass derived from its fruit and seeds. Global Clean Energy Holdings and the joint venture partners
BioFuels Journal – http://www.biofuelsjournal.com

Jatropha ~ New joint venture to develop non-food based land in
Jatropha ~ New joint venture to develop non-food based land in Mexico – commercialize oil & biomass…” – http://tweetip.us/lk1pv.
tweetip – http://tweetip.tumblr.com/

The truth behind biofuels
By soulbiscuit
The report states that millions of indigenous tribal peoples have been displaced from their land in the production of biofuel crops, including palm oil, sugar cane, corn, soy, mantioc and jatropha. It seems that in many countries,
Allusions of Grandeur – http://allusionsofgrandeur.wordpress.com

Herminio Teves & Co. Partners With Global Tee Trust to Produce
DUMAGUETE CITY, Philippines–An agribusiness enterprise owned by former House Rep. Herminio Teves has tied up with European biofuel company Global Tree Trust (GTT) SA to produce alternative biofuel from drought-resistant plant jatropha.
BioFuels Journal – http://www.biofuelsjournal.com

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