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Jatropha Goldman Sachs cited crop as one of most promising
Jatropha Goldman Sachs cited crop as one of most promising candidates for future biodiesel prod… – http://tweetip.us/lkuhb.
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Biofuels threaten lands of 60 million tribal people
By admin
Other crops for biofuels include sugar cane, soy, corn, manioc and jatropha, a plant native to Central America. The Guarani in Brazil have lost much of their land to sugar cane cultivation, while the government in India is targeting
Orangutan Outreach – http://redapes.org

Speaker Profile: Hon. Alberto Cardenas Jimenez, Secretary of
By suann
JatrophaWorld 2008 is a showcase of all the latest trends and shifts occurring in the Jatropha value chain, bringing together on a single platform, the best expertise to discuss and analyze the present and future dynamics of Jatropha
Catch JatrophaWorld 2008 – http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha

Food, Forests and Fuel
By Huda Shaka`(Muslamics)
Another false solution to climate change is the promotion of biofuels based on corn and soya, palmoil and jatropha. Biofuels, fuels from biomass, continue to be the most important energy source for the poor in the world.
Muslamics – http://muslamics.blogspot.com/

Global: Biofuels threaten lands of 60 million tribal people
Other crops for biofuels include sugar cane, soy, corn, manioc and jatropha, a plant native to Central America. The Guarani in Brazil have lost much of their land to sugar cane cultivation, while the government in India is targeting
Survival International – http://www.survival-international.org

Jatropha Oil and Sea Water as Alternative Fuel
By baraampera
Jatropha curcas, Barbados nut or Physic nut is just a plain old castor oil which was used long before the kerosene or any other form of petroleum product was known to Indonesians. However it is being touted as an alternative source of
Bara Ampera’s Weblog – http://baraampera.wordpress.com

Speaker Profile: Christian Langaard, Managing Director, Euro-Latin
By suann
JatrophaWorld 2008 is a showcase of all the latest trends and shifts occurring in the Jatropha value chain, bringing together on a single platform, the best expertise to discuss and analyze the present and future dynamics of Jatropha
Catch JatrophaWorld 2008 – http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha

Tamil Nadu Ag University, India to Release High-Yield Jatropha
The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) will release the hybrid variety of Jatropha, from which 40 per cent extraction is possible, according to TNAU Vice-Chancellor C Ramasamy. …
BioFuels Journal – http://www.biofuelsjournal.com

Jatropha Cultivation For Biodiesel Production Considered in
Witness the latest entry in the high-stakes race for alternative sources of fuel: a tree that produces oil.
BioFuels Journal – http://www.biofuelsjournal.com

Africa is ripe for Biomass
By Max The IT pro(t)
For example, the waste from jatropha biodiesel extraction can be used to create soaps, dyes, organic fertilizer, rodent repellent, and a host of other beneficial products. Also, a cheap efficient water treatment solution is readily
Money Talk – http://upnaira.blogspot.com/

BPCL in JV for jatropha-biodiesel
BPCL, in collaboration with construction major Shapoorji Pallonji and Nandan Biomatrix Ltd, is forming a joint venture to cultivate, extract, and sell jatropha-based bio-diesel through its outlets.
finance.indiainfo.com – http://finance.indiainfo.com/

Meerut District, India Orders Destruction of Jatropha After
The government may be promoting jatropha plantation to meet the fuel need of the country. But with 50 children falling sick in Meerut last week after eating jatropha seeds, the administration has issued a public notice asking people to destroy the plants.
BioFuels Journal – http://www.biofuelsjournal.com

Speaker Profile: Stanley Wootliff, Chairman & CEO, Viridas PLC
By suann
Two things quickly became apparent, the exciting possibilities for Jatropha commercially and environmentally, together with a major absence of scientifically based Jatropha knowledge and research.
– http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha

100000 Gallons of Oil per Acre: Closed Loop Algae
By dave
Today in BsAs, met a biodiesel farmers’ cooperative from Argentina making a pitch for investments in jatropha, industrial castor seed planting and subsequent oil extraction. Husks of the seed drive biomass electricity and CO2 generated
India, Latin America and Caribbean… – http://indolac.wordpress.com

Speaker Profile: William Grathwohl, Biogreen Oil BV
By suann
We plan to fulfill this mission primarily by cultivating jatropha curcas, a crop with the potential to yield fuel without squeezing out food production or reducing biodiversity, and with the potential to help rural economies in some of
Catch JatrophaWorld 2008 – http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha

Jatropha Curcas Seeds/seedlings For Sale
By hcms
Jatropha curcas belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae multipurpose shrub or small tree of significant importance because of its several industrial and medicinal uses. It grows in a number of climate zones in tropical and sub tropical
AgricultureInformation.com – http://www.agricultureinformation.com/forums

Speaker Profile: Peter Anthony A. Abaya, President and CEO, PNOC
By suann
The country has sufficient lands and favorable climatic conditions for growing jatropha. Already the Company has consolidated more than 150000 hectares of land for plantations and to be strengthened more with at least 200000 hectares
Catch JatrophaWorld 2008 – http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha

Philippine Energy News Round-up April 28, 2008
By nieldomingo(nieldomingo)
Star:Solgen told to review Napocor-Meralco settlement deal Inquirer.net:Revive nuclear energy program GMA News:Natural gas deposits waiting to be tapped in Cagayan Visayan Daily Star:Jatropha biofuels venture inked Inquirer.net:Jatropha
Programming and Energy – http://nieldomingo.blogspot.com/

The hummers are passing through
By Mary Beth(Mary Beth)
This one is feeding on Jatropha integerrima. They do like red flowers – (which is why most feeders and some brands of nectar are red. But I have heard that the red dye is not good for these small birds so I always use a clear
Cultivating Paradise – http://cultivatingparadise.blogspot.com/

last night, at about midnight, we heard a BOOM and the whole house
By dottie bones(dottie bones)
today we planted some firecracker plants, two sea grapes, a white althea, another cape honeysuckle and (the beautiful) jatropha. we can make jelly from the sea grape fruit and gasoline from the jatropha seed.
bare bones nothing – http://barebonesnothing.blogspot.com/

Teves firm, European group sign biofuel deal
By Editor-in-Chief
DUMAGUETE CITY, Philippines–An agribusiness enterprise owned by former House Rep. Herminio Teves has tied up with European biofuel company Global Tree Trust (GTT) SA to produce alternative biofuel from drought-resistant plant jatropha.
– http://pinoyportal.ca/

Weekend Update
By Ed Bruske(Ed Bruske)
After making inquiries, they learned that a subsidiary of the Norwegian biofuels company–Bio Fuels Norway–had laid claim to the land and was already busy creating “the largest jatropha plantation in the world.” (Jatropha is a small
The Slow Cook – http://theslowcook.blogspot.com/

Biofuels Causing Food Crisis?
By IN The Loop(Go Green Intown)
Oxburgh stresses that jatropha—a hardy plant from which his company, D1 Oils, extracts oil to make biodiesel—will not compete with food for land, nutrients, or water. “Biofuels are getting a bad name because people are using food crops
Go Green Intown – http://gogreenintown.blogspot.com/

Jatropha Oil,Biodiesel,Sunflower oil for sale
By texacooilmills
Per Metric ton Corn Oil for USD220 Per Metric ton Vegetable oil for USD230 Per Metric ton Soya bean Oil for USD240 Per Metric ton Sunflower oil for USD240 Per Metric ton Jatropha Oil for USD240Per Metric ton Palm Oil,crude palm oil,
BioDieselNow – Renewable biodiesel… – http://biodieselnow.com/forums/TopicsActive.aspx

We sell edible oils(biodiesel,jatropha.vegetable oils sunflower
By forums@www.pocketpcaddict.com (phonessell)
We are Mobil Oil Mills, We sell in M/T for both large and small quantity of oils. Our Company is located in ( Lagos,Nigeria ) where we do the production of the oils. Our minimum order is 5 metric tons per shipment.
Pocket PC Addict Forums – http://www.pocketpcaddict.com

More on the Jatropha curcas L
By wrenbow_2006(wrenbow_2006)
Overheating oil prices sent many captive and price-taker states scrambling for alternative fuel sources. Almost overnight, Jatropha curcas L , a plant in the Philippines became an alternative fuel sensation
Airborne Thoughts – http://wrenbow-2006.livejournal.com/

Algae: the new biofuel?
By Helge V. Keitel(Helge V. Keitel)
Second generation biofuels include non edible crops such as Jatropha curcas or algae oil and therefore don’t compete with food production. The third generation of biofuels based on hydrogen should start at 2030.”
Wood Bioenergy Bioreactors Biotechnology – http://smartroad.blogspot.com/

India would discuss Iran Gas Pipeline on 29th April
By admin
According to him, bio-fuels such as Jatropha are being also grown in nearly 55 million hectares of wasted land of India to generate 100 million tones of bio-fuels. This would also help India to generate fuels that can be mixed with
Frontier India Current Affairs – http://frontierindia.com

My take on rice shortage
By Bino/Geno(Bino/Geno)
Farmers are planting jatropha and corn to be sold for biofuels therefore lessening our supply of rice. Also, land conversion. Farmlands are being converted into subdivisions, golf courses and economic zones. Less lands, less food.
Fattybearyus – http://fattybearyus.blogspot.com/

Feed people not planes — the fake climate change solution
By london communists(london communists)
Second generation biofuel is made can be made from the stalks of wheat, corn, wood, and non-food crops such as the weed jatropha. Many of these second generation fuels are under development making bio-diesel, bio-hydrogen,
New Worker Features – http://newworkerfeatures.blogspot.com/

On Biofuel Crops And Rice Crops
By The WindChime(The WindChime)
Jatropha also has brown seeds that drop to the ground and grow. What’s more, if a piece of stem also drops to the ground, it grows. So these two biofuel crops are self-propagating. That’s the beauty of it.
Pilipinas, Bayan Ko… – http://pilipinasbayanko.blogspot.com/

Speaker Profile: Dr. ir. REE (Raymond) Jongschaap, Teamleader
By suann
The evaluation programme generates scientifically sound information on Jatropha curcas by studying the genetic variability of Jatropha curcas in the world and relating that to local traits that are important for the sustainable crop
Catch JatrophaWorld 2008 – http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha

By jatrophagambia
We asked the Peace Corps workers to come back to us with the numbers of trees and Jatropha’s planted in the villages. We also met one of the US Peace Corps workers from Guinea Conakry who liked our idea of working together and opening
Jatropha in Gambia – http://jatrophagambia.wordpress.com

€7 m CHP plant to use crude jatropha oil
An order for an engine-driven combined heat and power (CHP) plant that will run solely on a jatropha based, liquid biofuel, has been announced by the Finnish company Wärtsilä. The contract for the CHP plant, which will be located in an
Biofuel Review – http://www.biofuelreview.com

Zambian Researchers Urge Farmers to Plant Moringa for Food and
BioFuels Journal – http://www.biofuelsjournal.com

Jatropha can be harmful, expert warns
By Conrad M. Cario, Senior Desk Editor A top biotechnologist in the country said the government …
YEHEY! News – Top Stories – http://news.yehey.com

Diesel Trees
By Selma Calnan
They are linked tighter than a tree huggers embrace of the jatropha tree, hailed elsewhere as the “Diesel ” tree. Under the current administration the US has been slow to invest in alternative fuel projects, while in 2005,
Ordc Forum/Blog – http://owensriverdemocrats.org/forum/index.php?blog=2

Jatropha in Florida
By natescape
Now, it’s $3 a gallon and everyone is looking” at jatropha as a future biofuel source, said Paul Dalton, a Washington-based attorney who is involved with growing the tree – Jatropha curcas – in Florida, India and elsewhere.
BioDieselNow – Renewable biodiesel fuel – http://www.biodieselnow.com/forums/

Globasol to Construct 18-MMGY Jatropha-Fed Biodiesel Plant in
SANTO DOMINGO.- The company Globasol will spend up to 30 million dollars to build a biodiesel plant in Azua province (south) to supply the group Globalia’s hotel chain, said its biofuels division chief yesterday.
BioFuels Journal – http://www.biofuelsjournal.com

Wartsila to deliver jatropha-powered CHP plant
By David Ehrlich
The 9 megawatt plant is expected to be the first in the world to produce both electricity and heat using jatropha oil as fuel. read more.
Cleantech.com – Accelerating… – http://media.cleantech.com

Indian CEOs head 10 Fortune firms…more…
By priya(priya)
Will the world embrace jatropha revolution? · ACs, refrigerators to cost more this summer · Get rewards, but not this year: ICICI to staff · India, China business owners upbeat on M&As · FTA with China not a priority: Govt
Athithan Net Cash – http://athithannetcash.blogspot.com/

By mc(mc)
A hardy Bio-Fuel solution?
a fine mess – http://mattio829.blogspot.com/

Should India switch to bio-fuel?
By deepakraam
In most of the developed countries land previously used for food crops are now cultivating Jatropha.Jatropha is bio-crop which will grow on hot climate,which is suitable for India.Already Indian agricultural production is in pits.
ManagementParadise.com : Your… – http://www.managementparadise.com/forums

Organic squash recipe and Earth Day!
By Baikong
I remember the moment they told me, “Almost everybody is shifting from rice farming to growing of African palm oil and jatropha because we are tied down to debts to traders. Supports are given to farmers shifting/renting their lands to
The Coffee House – http://environmentdebate.wordpress.com

Will the world embrace jatropha revolution?
By rediff Business
The desperation in countries like the United States is turning into forlornness. History says that whenever the West gets desperate enough over any festering issue, they find a solution. The discovery of penicillin is the product of
sahihai – http://www.sahihai.com/blog

Will the world embrace jatropha revolution?
Commodity Online The shrub takes three years to reach maturity but will then continue to be productive for 30 years. The plant therefore has become an economic shrub.
Commodity Online Topstories – http://www.commodityonline.com/

Jatropha for bio-fuel
By example@example.com (Martyn)
Interesting article in National Geographic http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/04/080421-biofuels.html it features Jatropha as a plant that seeds produce 40% oil and can be grown on marginal non agricultural land.
Expedition Portal Forums – http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum

Will biofuels marginalise women?
By Simon Robinson
But if plants like jatropha which need minimal levels of fertiliser take off and the price of the oil they produce is linked to expensive oil then it could be a way to break out of a subsistence mindset, which has worked so
The Big Biofuels Blog – http://www.icis.com/blogs/biofuels/

a mixed bag of earth day news
By rd
the oil lobby rushing to their vast PR machine. Carbon Cap Would Cost US Households 1 Percent: Report – reuters Time to stop and think this thing through. Jatropha May Ease Biofuels’ Burden on Food Costs – natgeo Clean Air Watch [.
The Alternative Consumer – http://www.alternativeconsumer.com

poster papers
The present research work deals with genetic analysis of Jatropha curcas on high yields of pure DNA samples and optimization of DNA isolation and PCR conditions for RAPD analysis of Jatropha curcas containing high levels of latex,
Abstracts – http://ismphpabstracts.blogspot.com/

Growing energy solutions
food supplies challenged and burning forests cleared to make room for more bio fuel production the equation is clear for taking humanity into a global food crisis. The solution: JATROPHA CURCAS, the miracle plant! An easy to plant,
Digg / Environment / upcoming – http://digg.com/environment

Re: plantation of jatropha curcas
To: Ng Kok Kheng, Please contact me at the email address or email to me at E-mail:cycwong33@yahoo.com.
Vorras.net Forum: agriculture – http://forum.vorras.net/agriculture/

Yes, America, there is a Jatropha
By wrenbow_2006(wrenbow_2006)
It’s called tagumbao, scientific name is Jatropha. Imagine my delight when I came across this article from the Philippines. An alternative bio-fuel from a plant that is a weed and inedible. If we could just plant it here without
Airborne Thoughts – http://wrenbow-2006.livejournal.com/

Stock Synopsis : Ethanol to fuel Praj’s growth
The division will provide knowledge of newcrops, including 2nd generation energy crops like grasses (miscanthus, switchgrass) for ethanolproduction; Jatropha (waste land cultivation), Pongemia as well as safflowerfor biodiesel
The Equity Desk Forum : Stock Synopsis – http://www.theequitydesk.com/forum

Available Products With HCMS, Jaipur
By hcms
Aloe Vera High Quality Mother Plants Jatropha Curcas Seedlings Jatropha Curcas Seeds Aloe Vera Juice and Gel Aloe Vera Leaves. For Product Details and Availability Contact @ Email –hcms_96@yahoo.co.in.
AgricultureInformation.com – http://www.agricultureinformation.com/forums

Jatropha Footnote
Following my recent post on the energy situation in India, I received an e-mail from Sreenivas Ghatty, the founder and CEO of Tree Oils India. Sreenivas told me that I was correct that the jatropha situation in India has been overstated
Blog Articles Tagged with ‘alternativ… – http://www.inveslogic.com/tags/alternative-energy

Jatropha Curcus and Biodiesel Futures
By mudskipper(mudskipper)
Around the global village, there is talk that the weed “Jatropha Curcus” could be the future of biodiesel. This plant can be used to make biodiesel very cost-effectively, since it can be grown in poor soil conditions and needs little
Blahg – http://sisboomblahg.blogspot.com/

RX to “Let Them Eat Bio-fuels”
By Tony Abaya(Tony Abaya)
In direct response to Abaya’s statements, here is what I know about Jatropha:. 1. The amount of carbon dioxide resulting from burning Jatropha bio fuel is equal to the amount of carbon dioxide it produces into the air, as a plant.
Tony Abaya’s Column : On The Other Hand – http://acabaya.blogspot.com/

An Update from Myanmar
By david
In one cackhanded intervention in agriculture, the junta in 2006 ordered every farmer with an acre (0.4 hectares) of land to plant “physic nuts” (jatropha) around the edge of his plot. It was so keen on the crop that it also set up
Link Banana – http://www.linkbanana.com

Jatropha Footnote
By Robert Rapier
Sreenivas told me that I was correct that the jatropha situation in India has been overstated, and wanted to provide some facts on where jatropha stands. Sreenivas is involved in trying to establish a jatropha industry, and he wrote in
The Oil Drum – Discussions about… – http://www.theoildrum.com

PSTS website is online
By jatrophagambia
PSTS is online: http://www.ppsts.com. We did it, of course with a ‘little bit’ of help (thanks Ravian)! For the project it is a big step in the right direction and I hope the funding starts coming in now. We have achieved a lot over the last
Jatropha in Gambia – http://jatrophagambia.wordpress.com

we sell edible and biodiesel oil:palm oil,vegetable oil,corn oil
By ronik432
From plantation and contract farming to export of Jatropha plant seeds, oil and other oil seed and oil (for extraction of fuel) and project management (from concept to completion), we have in depth understanding of all the related
Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board – http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum

Using Biofuels
By krmiller
To grow plants that (naturally) produce oils, such as algae, or jatropha. When these oils are heated, their viscosity is reduced, and they can be burned directly in a diesel engine, or the oils can be chemically processed to produce
Parking Lot – http://myparkinglot.wordpress.com

For The Things that Really Matter
By Kabayan(Kabayan)
If only properly managed, by this time the idle barren lands would be full of fruit bearing Jatropha a source of biofuel and would have lessened our nation’s dependence on oil (I wonder what happened to the five billion peso allocation
Bayan ni Kabayan – http://bayanikabayan.blogspot.com/

Jatropha seeds or seedlings
By prodiesel1
Hello to all,. brand new here and just wondering if anyone knew of a comapny or persons that sold jatropha seeds or seedlings, pref. the non toxic type.
BioDieselNow – Renewable biodiesel… – http://biodieselnow.com/forums/TopicsActive.aspx

Plants Poisonous To Budgies & Other Toxic Materials
By stacey101
Jatropha — seeds and sap * Java Bean – lima bean (uncooked) * Jerusalem Cherry — berries * Jessamine * Jimsonweed/Thornapple * Johnson Grass * Juniper — needles, stems, and berries * Kentucky Coffee Tree * Laburnum
Talk Budgies Forums – http://www.talkbudgies.com

A Weedy Contribution to the Biofuel Movement
the production of ethanol and biodiesel, food prices rise. Enter Jatropha Curcas, a wild poisonous shrub that grows in poor soil conditions, needs little water and is pest resistant but is easily converted into high quality biodiesel.
Market Headlines from CNBC – http://markets.cnbc.com

Our Role In Jatropha The Bio-diesel Plantation
By hcms
We have been successfully working for large-scale development of Jatropha plantation in all over India. We assist the HCMS’trained Indian rural farmers in cultivating these plants. 5000 farmers are registered with us.
AgricultureInformation.com – http://www.agricultureinformation.com/forums

Jatropha sp.
By el buitre
el buitre posted a photo:. Jatropha sp.
Uploads from el buitre – http://www.flickr.com/photos/elbuitre/

Viridas steps up biodiesel venture
By PalmOilHQ
Jatropha is being heralded as the next generation of alternative fuels stock, not only for its high oil yield, which is second only to palm oil , …
Palm Oil HQ – http://www.palmoilhq.com

Indonesia: The worst place in the world to grow biofuel crops
By admin
Jatropha, an oily seed that isn’t fit for human consumption, grows in those regions and can be converted into diesel. There is also a good possibility of growing fuel crops in CRP, or Conservation Reserve Program, lands in the US These
Orangutan Outreach – http://redapes.org

Meeting the US Peace Corps
By jatrophagambia
We are invited for the regional meeting of the US Peace Corps in Wellingara to inform the Peace Corps workers, that are working in the country at the moment about Jatropha. This is an excellent opportunity to reach a lot of people,
Jatropha in Gambia – http://jatrophagambia.wordpress.com

Here comes the horseman riding the black horse !
By Raj
Bio-fuels are not a problem as long as they are produced from crops grown on wastelands(like bio-diesel obtained from jatropha in India) or if they are produced from the byproducts of other industries(like bio-ethanol obtained from
An alien’s thoughts about our planet – http://analienearthling.wordpress.com

Much Ado Over Jatropha Curcas!
By Pres. Mau(Pres. Mau)
Anyway, what exactly happened was, instead of the ‘malungay’, what was discussed quite lengthily was the jatropha carcus! And mind you, not for what exciting details one can be so curious to know about jatropha carcus (tuba-tuba) but
Cheap Talks – http://commentyoucom.blogspot.com/

I wonder when the fools will get it
By Whaleoil
Jatropha is one option but there isn’t much available yet and we can’t grow it here. Again Jatropha oil is over $1.00 per litre ex-factory. So that is summary of just a little bit about what I know about biofuels.
Whale Oil Beef Hooked – http://www.whaleoil.co.nz

“I’d rather eat rice than drink oil”: Rethinking the Bio-Fuels Act
By In My Solitude(In My Solitude)
We consider immediacy over domino effect-laden venture like propagation of bio-fuels producing cash crops such as Oil Palm and Jatropha. For one, we have partly ‘mis’-inspired the success of bio-fuels in Brazil and in other Latin
Talim ng Araw – http://talimngaraw.blogspot.com/

Biofuels 101 – the good, the bad & the ugly
By Toddington(david at lowcarboneconomy.com)
Currently the closest to-market most favourable option is to use the Jatropha plant, an inedible common weed, which grows in extremely harsh conditions where other plants can often not survive. Jatropha trees grow for 40 years and have
lowcarboneconomy.com – http://lowcarboneconomy.blogspot.com/

Current Events : Are Biofuels a Crime Against Humanity?
One UK-based company, D1, put itself at the forefront of efforts on Jatropha oil. Jatropha grows quickly, is hardy, establishes itself easily even in arid land, and is drought-tolerant, requiring only 300mm of annual rainfail.
Whyislam.org Forums – http://whyislam.org/forum

Lazatin Asks for Review of Jatropha Biodiesel Plan
By Laurel
Lazatin said review in needed to eliminate pf graft and government corruption. The Abundant Biofuels Corp. is planning to produce jatropha biodiesel through Bio-Fuels Philippines, its subsidiary.
Biodiesel and Ethanol Investing – http://www.biodieselinvesting.com

AutoblogGreen for 04.16.08
By Sebastian Blanco
er, nightmares exists; GM idles Texas plant; Ford introducing more six-speed transmissions; Slow sales and new fuel economy regs kill Nissan Titan; Track time with the Smart ForTwo; Jatropha for biodiesel comes to Florida
Autoblog – http://www.autoblog.com

Global warming and indigenous people
By jagadees
“Indigenous people point to an increase in human rights violations, displacements and conflicts due to expropriation of ancestral lands and forests for biofuel plantations — soya, sugar cane, jatropha, oil-palm, corn,
Jagadees’s Weblog – http://jagadees.wordpress.com

Agro Bank set to play bigger role
By mySarawak
“For products like jatropha, which is promoted and developed and marketed through government agencies, there should be no problem. The same with vanilla which is under the Rural Development Corporative,” he said.
mySarawak – http://www.mysarawak.org/

Speaker Profile: Fitzroy B. Beckford, Agriculture & Natural
By admin
Roy has developed enormous expertise in natural resources and sustainability, and is currently conducting research on the establishment of Jatropha curcas as a viable biodiesel feedstock in South Florida.
Catch JatrophaWorld 2008 – http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha

Jatropha Seedlings
By westec
We have seedlings from high yield lineage, from Thailand for sale. Contact wteohsc@gmail.com for quotes.
BioDieselNow – Renewable biodiesel… – http://biodieselnow.com/forums/TopicsActive.aspx

Cracking Hunger!
By Editor in Chief
As new villages take up the device, they turn it towards their own diverse nut shelling needs, such as jatropha, neem nuts, shea nuts or coffee. Most importantly, he Universal Nut Sheller costs about $50-75 dollars to make, depending on
YUM! ® | global food news & culture – http://yum.tv/

Top Environmental Blogs
Jatropha for biodiesel comes to Florida Breaking: Tesla sues Fisker over electric car design 7.-GristMill: The environmental news blog[2 new feeds] From A to Green: How to green your investments Grist Feature: Eco-conscious gizmos for
L-experiences – http://www.l-exp.com/xml/rss

Investing in a Jatropha Plant/Plantations – Biodiesel – Brazil
Abcesso Technology ltda have a complete plant planning and are now seeking equity partners and lenders to expand plantings, enlarge crushing capacity, and construct biodiesel refinery.
NSTI nanoPRwire™ – http://www.nsti.org/press/pr.rss

By jatrophagambia
I learned a lot from him and he committed to promoting Jatropha in Gambia immediately. He brought in a lot of ideas and proposals in how to reach all Gambians. On the 5th of April we are going all together to Ballie on the North bank,
Jatropha in Gambia – http://jatrophagambia.wordpress.com

growing jatropha curcas, looking for more land
By ccheek
I have obtained jatropha curcas, and am looking for land to grow it on. Im hoping to purchase around the aransas pass, corpus christi, rockport, ingleside or fulton areas. if anyone has any land for sale, or would just like a cutting to
BioDieselNow – Renewable biodiesel… – http://biodieselnow.com/forums/TopicsActive.aspx

PILOT 2008 Ballie
By jatrophagambia
There were also representatives of Senegal present at the meeting and they suggested working together: my dream about Jatropha West-Africa is becoming reality! The people at Ballie all knew about Jatropha already because of the
Jatropha in Gambia – http://jatrophagambia.wordpress.com

Worldbiofuelsmarkets Congress 2008
By Hansjörg Neun(Hansjörg Neun)
However, one particularly interesting exhibition by the company Energem detailed (including video) jatropha establishment operations in Mozambique. The company indicated that there is no practical information on the growing of jatropha
Live with the Director of CTA – http://neun.cta.int/

Cheap US imports kill D1 biofuels refining biz
By jumperhead
We believe that the best way to deliver value for shareholders is to leverage our technology and experience in jatropha to focus the business on the upstream breeding, planting and managing of new varieties of sustainable,
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Underutilised plant species symposium
By Hansjörg Neun(Hansjörg Neun)
I also had the opportunity to visit the premises of the Dutch-owned energy company Diligent which is involved in jatropha processing. The company has been operational for about two years and procures the jatropha from smallholder
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A Footnote on Jatropha [R-Squared Energy Blog]
By Robert Rapier
Sreenivas told me that I was correct that the jatropha situation in India has been overstated, and wanted to provide some facts on where jatropha stands. Sreenivas is involved in trying to establish a jatropha industry, and he wrote in
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A Footnote on Jatropha
Sreenivas told me that I was correct that the jatropha situation in India has been overstated, and wanted to provide some facts on where jatropha stands. Sreenivas is involved in […]
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$20 million for bio-diesel in Ghana
Jatropha Africa Limited, a subsidiary of Lion Bridge Ventures in United Kingdom, is to invest 20 million dollars in Jatropha plantations to produce bio-diesel in Ghana.
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Demand For Jatropha Biodiesel All Set To Grow As Diesel Demand
Rising diesel prices continue to put pressure on consumers and businesses that depend on the fuel, including bulk transportation and power generation. All in all, businesses are looking for the better alternative, … ebay stores science
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Nandan Bio claims breakthrough in jatropha
By indiastocks
Nandan Biomatrix Ltd has claimed new developments in various aspects of jatropha crop. The company said it had applied for patents in India in the areas of process of developing jatropha curcas, hybrids for high oleic content and .
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Comment on BP backs Jatropha as a biodiesel feedstock by hamzah
By hamzah
We have 3000 acres of land in the Northern Area of Peninsular Malaysia.Our intention is to plant Jatropha curcas. We need funder or investor to partipate in this project. Any interested party, pls contact us
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By admin
With a “seed to Biodiesel” strategy, this firm has arrangements in Ghana, Africa and agronomy experts in Europe to cultivate the Jatropha plant for producing biodiesel and feedstock from 200000 ha of land.
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Green Ink: Is the Market Broken?
By Keith Johnson
Maybe there’s an answer in the Philippines: locals are excited by a “wonder” plant that’s more promising than jatropha for making biofuel, reports Emerging Energy News. The Senate won a small victory with the passage of a one-year
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We sell all Palm Kernel oil,Crude oil,Vegetable oil and others oil
producing company here in Benin Republic,focused company engaged production and export of biodiesel and Oil. From plantation and contract farming to export of Jatropha plant seeds, oil and other oil seed and oil (for extraction of fuel)
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Comment on Ethanol: great politics, ineffective energy by Dangousity
By Dangousity
Now call me silly But there are a lot of substitutes for Diesel, aka Bio Diesel, algae Diesel ( i know long shot), Do you know China, Austria, Brazil, and a lot of other countries are producing Jatropha Diesel, Heck they are even
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Spring postponed
By Thway Ni(burmese blogger)
In one cackhanded intervention in agriculture, the junta in 2006 ordered every farmer with an acre (0.4 hectares) of land to plant “physic nuts” (jatropha) around the edge of his plot. It was so keen on the crop that it also set up
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10 Reasons Why One Should Be In Jatrosel
By Nicholas Ho(Nicholas Ho)
Whether you’re already in Jatrosel or still considering to be part of this Jatropha business, here’s 10 reasons why I think one should be in Jatrosel. 1) High returns and low risk, in comparison with traditional investments
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The next big thing in investment?
By The Watcher(The Watcher)
Jatropha does not need as much maintenance palm oil, plus it is able to survive in inhospitable land. Therefore, in theory, it would be better for the citizens of Beijing (or the outskirts) to plant jatropha to prevent the yellow desert
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The Daily Sprout
By Craig Rubens
Now D1 says it will concentrate on growing jatropha plants in a partnership with BP – The Guardian. Green Desktop Computer Roundup: It turns out those mini computers pack a lot of punch in both the computing power and energy savings.
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Biofuel thread
By Lumo(Lumo)
EEA, EU: Suspend the 10% biofuel target: soil, water, biodiversity suffer; Burma: Junta forces farmers to grow poisonous jatropha; Airbus: Burning biofuel to fly. Let me stop here. Of course, I oppose subsidies for biofuels and their
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The Energy Scene in India
By Robert Rapier
I found out some interesting things about jatropha, toured a sugarcane ethanol plant, found a wind farm in the middle of nowhere, and encountered a native ethanol skeptic. Here are my impressions. [break]
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Jatropha taking root in Florida as new biodiesel source plant
By Steve Watkins
Previously we talked about Jatropha as a new biodiesel source here, here, and here. Now The Naples Daily News reports that My Dream Fuel LLC is has been cultivating a Jatropha SW Florida. Jatropha produces four times the fuel per acre
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The Energy Scene in India
By Robert Rapier
I found out some interesting things about jatropha, toured a sugarcane ethanol plant, found a wind farm in the middle of nowhere, and encountered a native ethanol skeptic. Here are my impressions. [break]
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Biodiesel From Non-Agricultural Land
By PermaKent
Of the possibilities, two are worth noting: algae and jatropha. Both grow on non-agricultural land. Algae can employ saline water, and jatropha grows in dry conditions on degraded lands, in fact helping accumulate carbon in the soil.
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Bio diesel from Jatropha and other tree species
By sampadafarms
Dear All, Due to many reasons across the Globe, everybody is talking about the clean and green fuels. Lot of focus is on Bio diesel especially from Jatorpha curcas. But if you take actual growth in last 5-6 years there is no much
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